Your Legacy is our Lifeline

If it wasn’t for your legacies and leaving a little something in your will, we wouldn’t be here.

“Doing a Will” is one of those things that most of us don’t want to think about!  So if you do ever want to get it out of the way, or change your existing legacy, you can call me – and I will talk you through it, personally. It’s surprisingly easy, and we even have a free legacy link to save you money! 

From a desperately needed packet of antibiotics, to a whole Intensive Care Unit, people over the years have left things for us to help us keep going, growing and saving animals. We don’t receive government or lotto funding, so every legacy we receive has an immediate impact on our unique hospital.  Either quietly with a small tasteful plaque, or a huge display celebrating a loved ones life – we make sure that a legacy is something perfectly suited for YOU.

We offer a second chance to all British wildlife. We are always here for them, 24 hours a day, and will never let them down. We do not waste money sending out constant appeals for funds or free pens or other bizarre marketing techniques. Our Newsletters simply update our experiences and challenges.

We know that once you choose to leave us a legacy you will never want us to waste money that you have worked so hard all your lives for. That is our promise to you and I hope that you will continue to contact me and make that legacy pledge.  I want to thank you all so very much. It means everything to us and I love talking to you all.  The kettle is always on if you’d like to meet us!

Melanie Kingham

Legacies Officer