A heroic swan rescue!

When the weather was very cold in the middle of December our heroic rescuers were sent out on a frosty mission! We took a call from a member of the public who had reported a swan stuck in the middle of a frozen reservoir. When the rescuers got to the site it was obvious it was going to be incredibly difficult to reach him and that they needed to be extra careful to keep themselves safe throughout the rescue. It was a long and slow rescue but using shovels and pickaxes they finally managed to break the ice enough to get the rescue boat through and reach the stranded swan who was very cold and thin and was brought back in to be checked over by our veterinary team. After some recuperation and food here at Tiggywinkles we were happily able to release him again. After we posted about this story on our social media, we had a lot of lovely feedback from people telling us how impressed they were with the rescue effort and one such call was from a member of the public who had actually watched the rescue happen and had taken a video from the other side of the reservoir. She kindly sent us the video and we couldn’t resist sharing it with you as (we hope you will agree) it shows the amazing efforts our wonderful rescuers will go to, to help an animal in need.


If you see a wild animal that needs help on frozen water, please never attempt to reach it yourself, and instead call a local rescue centre who will have the correct equipment to do so safely.