Virtual Gift – Treat a Hedgehog with Balloon Syndrome


Over 3,000 hedgehogs come through our doors every year. The ones suffering from balloon syndrome are easy to spot, as they are huge, spherical and unable to curl up even a little – making them vulnerable to predators. Whilst the exact cause is unknown, it is normally associated with trauma and can affect hedgehogs of al ages.

Treatment involves extracting the air from the different ‘balloons’ across the body. A course of antibiotics is also required, along with any fluids and other treatments they may require.

Your gift will help fund the work of the Wildlife Hospital.


What do you get the person that has everything?
Tiggywinkles’ Virtual Gifts are the ultimate in gift ideas – by buying someone a Wild Gift Card you will be helping save British wildlife.
In return for your donation – you will get a handmade gift card plus a certificate, showing how your support will help Tiggywinkles help these gorgeous creatures. The money you spend goes directly to Tiggywinkles life-saving work.

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