Female Hedgehog One-Off 12 Month Adoption




Your Adoption
In your adoption pack you will receive:
• Tiggywinkles newsletter
• Mounted photograph of your animal
• Certificate of adoption
• Fact sheet of chosen animal
• Cost of care sheet
• Fridge magnet
• Tiggywinkles Chronicle
• One free entry to our Visitor Centre
• Thank you letter
• Buying as a gift? You will receive a greeting card
• Gift Bags & stickers to seal (all items are recyclable). Your gift will only need putting together.
Thank you so much for your support!

Female Hedgehog Adoption
We take in sick and injured hedgehogs all year round. We help orphaned urchins who without us would not survive in the wild and we overwinter hundreds of hedgehogs every year that are too small to hibernate. With your help, we can get as many of these wonderful animals back to the wild as possible! Those that cannot be released into the wild live in our safe, near-natural gardens where we can give them all the care they need.
By adopting our hedgehogs, you are providing life-saving treatment and ongoing care for all the sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs at Tiggywinkles. Thank you!