Muntjac Deer

Due to the recent changes in the law we are no longer legally allowed to release rehabilitated muntjac deer. For more information on this please click here.

This awful ruling has of course put wildlife rehabilitators, vets and members of the public in an incredibly difficult situation – we all want to do the best we can to help wildlife in need.

To ensure we can provide those muntjac deer who desperately need life-saving care with the help they need we are working under strict guidelines on what we can do to help.

PLEASE NOTE: We can no longer take in any muntjac deer from outside of our area (please see the map below). If you are worried about a muntjac and are not from our area please see for local contacts to help.

Juvenile Muntjac Deer

Every year lots of juvenile muntjac deer are wrongly picked up as suspected orphans. As these little deer will no longer be able to be released it is far better for them to be left in the wild where they belong, instead of being condemned to a life in captivity, or worse.

So, if you find a baby deer, please do not pick it up or touch it – their mothers can leave them for up to 12 hours on end whilst they look for food. If you are concerned the baby may have been orphaned, then please keep an eye from a safe distance for a several hours (up to 12) or return to the spot later. In most cases the mother will have returned. As difficult as it feels to leave such a vulnerable looking animal alone, it really is in their best interest.

If the baby deer is found with obvious injuries or is found with its dead mother it may need help – please call us on 01844 292292 for further help and advice.

Adult Muntjac Deer

As with young deer, if these muntjac are brought into a rescue they will not be able to return to the wild, so please only intervene when necessary. Any muntjac with obvious wounds may need veterinary intervention. Please call us on 01844 292292 immediately if within our area.

Any muntjac deer stuck in fencing, either on any part of its body or by a limb may need intervention. Please call us on 01844 292292 if within our area.

Adult muntjac deer can be dangerous please do not attempt to rescue or pick up by yourself, call us on 01844 292292 or your nearest rescue for assistance (

If you find yourself in the upsetting situation of finding a sick, injured or orphaned muntjac deer we would strongly advise you to write to your local MP and to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (currently, Theresa Villiers) to highlight your views and experiences with this law and situation. We have prepared a draft response, which you may find of use when contacting the relevant bodies, please click here to learn more.

Thank you for your kindness and understanding during this difficult time.

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