What you will need:

  • A bag of wild bird seed
  • A mould i.e. a yogurt pot or coconut shell
  • A jug or pan
  • 2 big blocks of lard
  • A ball of string
  • And a cold fridge!

How to make fat balls for seed eating birds

Step 1

Cut the lard into cubes so it can melt easily.

Step 2

Put the cubes of lards into a microwaveable jug or pan. Gently heat up until it is liquid. Get an adult to help you with this.

Step 3

Cut a length of string and put a loop at one end. Then put the string into the middle of the mould and push right down to the bottom of the pot. MAKE SURE THE LOOP IS NOT INSIDE THE POT BUT HANGING OVER THE SIDE. This is so you can hang it up.

Step 4

Once the lard has melted, put a large handful of bird seed into your chosen mould and fill it up - almost to the top. Then, very carefully, pour the melted lard into the mould with the bird seed.

Step 5

Leave the mixture to cool down then place in a fridge overnight to harden up!

Step 6

Once the mixture has hardened up you’ll need to break the plastic mould off, or if it is a coconut shell you can leave it in there. You’re now ready to hang your bird seed fat ball in a tree. See how many types of birds come to your garden to feed!

Tip: Try and hang the fat ball as high up as you can so it’s away from cats!

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