What you will need:

  • Bamboo canes
  • String or garden twine
  • An old flower pot or piece of pipe
  • Some waterproof material

Make Your Own Bug Habitat

Step 1

Get one or two large bamboo canes. You need to cut these into short lengths - about 10-15cm long.

Step 2

Using string or garden twine, tie the canes together to form a bundle.

Step 3

Wedge the bundle of canes into an old flower pot, or piece of pipe, or wrap round with a bit of waterproof material.

Step 4

Put your new bug home into a dark, quiet corner of your garden, making sure the canes are horizontal, so they don’t fill with water when it rains!

Your new bug home is ready for use. Will make an ideal overwintering shelter for all sorts of creepy crawlies!

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