Les Stocker MBE, HonAssocRCVS

31st January 1943 – 16th July 2016.

It came with immense shock and sadness when we lost our Creator and Founder, Les Stocker MBE on 16th July 2016.
Les was regarded worldwide as a pioneer in the field of Wildlife Care & Rehabilitation and will be missed for many, many years to come by all at Tiggywinkles.

First and foremost, Les leaves his wife Sue, son Colin, daughter in-law Verity and two beloved grand-daughters Amelia and Alexia.

The loss will be greatly felt to the world of wildlife. Les was a steadfast ambassador, achieving his goal to turn wildlife rehabilitation into a profession, to have it recognised by other professionals and to ensure wherever possible, that all casualties have the best treatment in order to return back to their natural habitat.

Over the lifetime of his work Les inspired other individuals and organisations to rise to the challenge of rehabilitating wildlife. In addition to working very long hours hands-on, he wrote books, papers and attended conferences to establish the importance and furtherance of rehabilitation. His tireless dedication has changed the way the world sees and deals with sick and injured wildlife. He has built an incredible organisation, one that will strive to continue his legacy. Amongst his many achievements were an MBE, being honoured by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as an Honorary Associate, the title of Rolex Laureate, two bestselling books, a regular newspaper column, he was an invited member of the New York Academy of Science and was widely recognised as one of the World’s leading authorities on British wildlife.

Les' departure is a huge loss to British Wildlife Rehabilitation, but the groundbreaking work he achieved in his lifetime is undoubtedly immeasurable.


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