Found a baby bird on the ground?

PLEASE NOTE: Any bird with an injury or that has been caught by a cat MUST be taken to a wildlife rescue as soon as possible.

Every spring and summer we take in hundreds of baby birds, some of which may not have needed to be picked up.

When to Help

A baby bird found on the ground that has little to no feather coverage (a nestling) is in trouble. If you know where the bird has fallen from, and it can be done safely, please carefully return the chick to its nest then leave the nest well alone.

You can monitor from a safe distance but be very careful not to disturb the parent birds. If there is no way of getting the baby bird back to its parents it may then need to be taken to a wildlife rescue to be hand reared.

When to Leave Alone 

If you find a young bird that has most of its feathers and is able to hop or flutter around (a fledgling) please leave it well alone. Most young birds will leave the nest before they can fly properly, you may see these seemingly helpless birds in the garden for a few days. The parents will be around nearby looking after the baby birds and should not be disturbed.

If the youngster is in immediate danger (in a road or near to cats) you can move it to a safe, sheltered spot nearby.

If you are not sure whether to intervene please call us on 01844 292292 for help and advice.