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Your Legacy is our Lifeline

If it wasn’t for your legacies and leaving a little something in your will, we wouldn’t be here. “Doing a Will” is one of those things that most of us don’t want to think about!  So if you do ever want to get it out of the way, or change your existing legacy, you can call me – and I will talk you through it, personally. It’s surprisingly easy, and we even have a free legacy link to save you money!  From a desperately needed packet of antibiotics, to a whole Intensive Care Unit, people over the years have left
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Swan & Cygnet Rescue

This beautiful mother swan and her cygnets had a bit of a tricky start. Very sadly her mate was found dead, whilst she was sitting on their eggs. Not too long after, the mother was attacked by other swans (likely a territory dispute) which caused her to flee the nest; she was then found quite exhausted and distressed. As the poor mother needed care, and we knew the eggs would not survive without her, the whole family were collected by one of our rescuers. We kept the 8 eggs incubated whilst mum had her treatment and as soon as she
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