Our Hospital is open 24/7, 365 days to care for all sick, injured and orphaned British wildlife. We care for over 12,000 animals every year



Tiggywinkles is a free wildlife hospital, the busiest and most advanced in the World. Started 40 years ago by the Stocker family in their back garden, Tiggys has treated over 300,000 patients! Utilising the latest technologies, the best veterinary nurses, and Specialist veterinary surgeons, the hospital gives wildlife the best care, treatment, medicine and love available. Our aim is to get everything back to the wild.



Find out when a wild animal is in need of assistance and when it should be left alone.






The Visitor Centre is open to everyone to provide education & information on our specialist work.




Find out about all the different ways you can help us in our life-saving work.



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£3 monthly donation

£3 will feed a baby bird for a day

£5 monthly donation

£5 will buy a bottle to feed a baby mammal

£10 monthly donation

£10 will bandage a fox's leg

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£10 one-off donation

£10 will bandage a fox's leg

£25 one-off donation

£25 will feed a hedgehog for a month

£50 one-off donation

£50 will x-ray a badger

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Tiggywinkles Volunteer Open Days

Join us at one of our Tiggywinkles Volunteer Open Days for a paw-some afternoon finding out about the volunteer opportunities here at Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital. Friday 10th & Saturday 11th May at 2:30pm – 4:30pm. Whether you’re an animal lover, a wildlife enthusiast, or just looking to give back, this event is perfect for you!…

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Feedback Required

You Can Help! At Tiggywinkles we are constantly trying to improve our services. We are asking for help understanding how to improve the website so that we can deliver the best services to you and our animals. You can help with 20-30 minutes of your time, answering questions about our website!  As a thank you,…

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European Eagle Owls at Tiggywinkles

We currently have two permanent European Eagle Owls here at Tiggywinkles, called Emily and James. As European eagle owls are not classed as native to the UK, we are unable to release them, but just like our other permanent residents, they live out their lives with us in near natural surroundings whilst also benefiting from…

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Do you have any flowers or bulbs you can donate to us?

As we enter spring, we are looking to add some flowers to the garden beds in our Visit Centre. Some for decoration, and some to provide foraging, shaded areas for our permanent residents. If anyone has any, we would be incredibly grateful for donations of any plants or bulbs. We have created a list of…

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100th Edition of the Bright Eyes Newsletter!

First Bright Eyes Newsletter This image is the front cover of the first Bright eyes newsletter, an A5 booklet first published in 1983: And this is the first ever article: Please click on the image to open as a PDF that you can enlarge. Hospital Opening This is an article about when the current hospital…

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Hungry Hedgehogs

At this time of year, it is a great idea to start helping out any prickly visitors to your garden. Youngsters will be fending for themselves, and adults will now start to focus their energy on gearing up for winter. As wild animals the best food for hedgehogs is of course all the insects they…

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A heroic swan rescue!

When the weather was very cold in the middle of December our heroic rescuers were sent out on a frosty mission! We took a call from a member of the public who had reported a swan stuck in the middle of a frozen reservoir. When the rescuers got to the site it was obvious it…

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Large animal release sites needed

Tiggywinkles is currently looking for some more large animal release sites for the release of fully recovered animals that have been treated at Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital. If you think you have a site that would be suitable, please complete the form here and return to [email protected]. Thank you.

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Metaldehyde Slug pellets are now officially banned in the UK!

Good News! Metaldehyde Slug pellets can no longer be sold or used in the UK, as of Friday 1st April, because they mainly contain a pesticide called Metaldehyde which poses an unacceptable risk to birds, dogs, and wildlife such as hedgehogs. We know slugs munching on your prize-winning lettuces can be irritating but slugs and…

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A day in the life of the Hedgehog Room, by Dot Walton

When I enter the Hedgehog Room, I start first at the heated bank, as the most poorly animals are here. I look at each Hedgehog’s admittance card, which has all the information on the patient since its admittance telling me what is wrong with it and what medication has been prescribed by the vet. I…

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