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Jan 17, 2017


Small hedgehog in hand

Ahead of the New Year, Naturediet donated more than 70 tons of their range of natural dog food products, to dedicated and hard-working charities all across the country.

This year Tiggywinkles were delighted recipients of several pallets of quality food.

Naturediet have been incredibly kind in donating dog food for our patients. This winter we have seen a huge increase in the hedgehogs we have taken in to overwinter. Many of these hedgehogs are too small to survive hibernation in the wild so will stay with us until Spring. We currently have over 800 hedgehogs in our Hospital, so I’m sure you can imagine just how much the generous food donation has been in helping us care for these wonderful little animals. Of course, it is not just hedgehogs we care for, we take in some 10,000 British wildlife casualties every year.

Carol Orrow, Naturediet CEO says; “There are so many charities in the UK looking after abandoned dogs and animals, many of them small local charities who - unlike the large well known organisations - only have limited funds available. Therefore, we decided to help these charities; specifically those who do such a great job.”

Thank you Naturediet!


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