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Dog Food
Our regular donator of large quantities of Dog Food is no longer able to continue supplying us, so this expense will now be covered by our Hospital. We get through a HUGE amount of dog food every day at Tiggywinkles. Each hedgehog has about 1/3 of a tin of dog food every day - and we have over 500 in at the moment.

Each fox has a couple of tins a day, badgers have about three tins each, plus all the crows, seagulls, magpies and other corvids have dog food and we use some dog food to make up our glop for some of the younger birds and hedgehogs too.

We estimate that we get through a couple of shopping-trollies-full of dog food every day! We are of course looking for new suppliers to help us, but you can help too. If you are visiting Tiggywinkles, then any donations of dog food (or cat food of course) will be a meal for an animal. We’ve set up a big bin in our lobby for people to drop off cans. If you wanted to make a donation instead to help us, than that would be wonderful too.

Recent Admissions
From unusual migratory birds to strange snakes, we never know what is going to come through the door at any point of the day or night. Whatever the time our nursing team is always on hand to take in and treat the injuries of our wonderful wildlife. We are coming up soon to baby season (we’ve definitely seen a few birds nest-building already) so are really looking to get some volunteer foster mums in to start training for the spring and summer influx of babies.To see some of the other animals we are currently caring for in the Hospital, click here.

Visit Us
This time of year is great to visit Tiggywinkles Visitor Centre and have a good chance of seeing the hedgehogs, deer, ducks and foxes, you may also get a glimpse of the badgers in our badger enclosure.

You’ll also be able to see many of our other permanent resident animals and you can peek into the nurseries too.
If you book in advance, we welcome large groups of all ages, from pre-schoolers to seniors groups, for a guided tour, giving you even more information about the work of our Hospital and loads more facts about wildlife and how you can make your own garden really wildlife friendly.
We also have a craft corner and play area for our younger visitors.


Press Releases
Read some of our recent press releases...And find out more about the work at Tiggywinkles.

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1 March 2006
New Scientific Study - Uist Hedgehogs

23 February 2006
Georgina Wins the Race at Virgin Radio
30 January 2006
Top Treatment for Little Big Foot

Website and Email News
Our www.lesstockerphotography.co.uk website has some fantastic photographs. Les Stocker, founder of Tiggywinkles, has been taking wildlife photographs for many years, and some of his very best images are now available to buy, mounted and signed by Les, from our Tiggywinkles shop.