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What does it cost to care?

In any one year we are likely to
see 3,000 hedgehogs, 350 deer, 100 badgers, 250 foxes and many thousands of birds and other creatures.

To give life saving first aid treatment to one hedgehog

£ 9.20

To x-ray a hedgehog’s
fractured leg

£ 17.80

To administer a course of antibiotics to one hedgehog £12.60
To suture a mallard duck’s skin wounds £5.20
To provide essential dental treatment for a hedgehog £41.20
To bandage a fox’s badly injured / infected leg £9.80
To provide essential pre-release dental treatment for a badger £193.00
To feed a hedgehog during an average 12 week stay £19.60
To wash and disinfect one hedgehog’s food bowl &
To give one small garden bird a life saving injection £0.18
To surgically repair a tawny owl’s fractured wing

£ 34.60

To bandage a deer’s fractured leg

£ 11.90

To buy a feeding bottle to feed orphaned mammals

£ 6.70

To provide life saving laboratory diagnostic test results

£ 17.00

To give one Muntjac deer emergency life saving treatment on admittance to the Hospital £33.60
To hand rear one baby hedgehog £56.00
To provide one essential feed via a tube for a poorly swan £4.25
To buy a complete set of equipment to enable the safe rescue of injured large mammals £187.00
To give a fallow deer emergency with life saving treatment on admittance to the Hospital £98.50
To keep one hedgehog in the Hospital for the whole winter - to prevent it from hibernating
(which could be dangerous if hedgehogs are underweight or injured)
To provide a course of treatment for one fox with mange £24.80
To feed one baby bird for one day £7.25
To carry out an orthopaedic operation on a muntjac deer with a fractured leg £422.00
To buy a specialist bed for unconscious and seriously ill patients £25.00
To x-ray a badger, to check the extent of fractured bones £54.00